5 Unique Discoveries Made By Storage Space Auction Owners

There are many reasons why people from all walks of life need extra storage. Reported recently, the Southport Marina has built more dry dock storage space to include 100 more boats to their already filled capacity of 120. The following article humors you with a list of unique items discovered in storage Southport facilities, or even the ones around the world.


James Bond’s Submarine Car

A global trend in storage auctions has revealed a unique market in buying items from storage spaces, such as a storage Southport based, as a nominal price, surprisingly without even knowing what lies behind the shutters. In 1989, a man in Long Island, NY paid less than $ 100 to buy the contents of one such storage space. The storage space revealed to be the home to a forgotten white sports car with a dented roof and no wheels. When he towed the car home, other automobile enthusiasts told him that the vehicle was one of the submarine cars operated by James Bond in the movie The Spy Who Loved Me. His local radio went on to inform him that eight versions of the car were used in the film, while only seven of the eight cars were accounted for in post-production of the movie. Although the mystery of how the car landed up in the More Space Self Storage, similar to your local Southport storage, has never been solved. To his delight, Elon Musk – founder of Tesla, purchased the car at an auction for almost $ 1 million.

The First Superman Comic

In 2011, a man bought the contents of a storage space much like your local storage in Southport, in San Fernando Valley, where he found Action Comics No. 1 issue of Superman. Unfortunately, he was unable to sell the item since it was found to be stolen from the home of actor Nicolas Cage in 2000. Valued at $ 1 million, Cage had purchased the comic in 1995 and was overjoyed to be reunited with it 11 years later, claiming it to be “divine providence”.

Never-released Michael Jackson tunes

The lucky buyer of a storage unit, like storage Southport or those in your locality, previously owned by Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson, revealed a stack of 250 songs recorded by the deceased King of Pop. The songs, some of which were recorded with Tina Turner, were apparently recorded while Michael was between contracts, which meant no recording companies had a legal claim to the songs. The lucky new owner turned into a multi-millionaire Smooth Criminal overnight!

K.I.T.T. From The Knight Rider

The owners of a storage facility in the United Kingdom were shocked one day when the owner of one of their premium units, a facility also available to you at your local best storage Southport has now, drove up in K.I.T.T. the famous black Pontiac Trans-AM made famous in the 80s show The Knight Rider. It goes to show the amazing collectibles you can keep safe as an owner of your own storage unit.

Rare coins, Gold & Silver Ingots

Purchasing a storage unit in San Jose, the new owner did not expect much when he saw it was filled with plastic containers. He later realized these rubber containers contained thousands of rare collectible coins with more than half a million dollars in silver and gold ingots. The anonymous buyer only paid $1,100 for the entire loot, which turned out to be a treasure chest securing his future.


You never know what is lurking behind dusty shutter doors at a storage facility. If you have valuables and lack the security necessary to keep them safe at home, you should consider leasing a storage unit of your own. You can find a local storage facility that caters to your needs online at sites such as http://morespacestorage.com.au/.

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