Breathtaking Family Holiday Adventures in Algarve

As what Mokokoma Mokhonoana say, “There is more to life than making a living. Do not work more than you live”, and if you have not discovered yet, there is an unfolding mystery in the Algarve region located on the south of Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula. The picturesque landscape of the coastline and the breathtaking land formations are nothing short of amazing. Checking out the tours and family attractions Algarve has to offer will leave no doubt that this is the best holiday destination.

family attractions algarve

Features and Biology

Most family attractions Algarve has to offer are both exciting and informative; the region has a Mediterranean climate that is just right for holiday and marine escapades. The “Rio Formosa” lagoon is located in this region and there is a nature reserve extending over 170 kilometers. An excursion into the heart of the land is similar to a roller coaster where you get to enjoy the scenic view preserved over the years. In addition, the coastline is dotted with natural limestone caves and rock formations, which are easily navigable by boat and are among Algarve’s best family attractions to appreciate.

There are various things to do for the family in Algarve to make your holiday complete. These include:

  • Tour to the interior hills, countryside and observe the marine life such as dolphins, seabirds, sea turtles and even the tuna. You will also learn the rich history of the region from the tour guides as you move on.
  • Visits to the coastal caves and the gems rich coastline of Albufeira is another feature of the best family Algarve attractions you must see.
  • Tour to the Rio Formosa by boat and experience the fisherman’s island and other scenic sites.
  • Enjoy bird watching at the spectacular Lagoa dos Salgados and the great variety of species that use it as a nesting site.

Sporting Activities

Apart from nature excursions, Algarve provides an excellent atmosphere for tourism sporting activities that you can indulge in while on vacation. Some impressive family attractions Algarve offers include:

  • Scuba diving activities at the coastal area offered while ensuring maximum standards of safety are followed. While at it, you will experience a great underwater view guided by highly experienced divers.
  • Tourist boat trips around the coastal limestone formations;
  • Ski diving at the Alvor town supervised by experienced parachuters from nearby Faro airport.
  • Family fishing sport is also available where you get to promote cooperation, teamwork and reunion among your loved ones as you enjoy the sunshine and have a wonderful day.
  • “Big game fishing” is also an activity that you can indulge yourself with large sea life like the giant tuna and the White Marlin species brought in by warm current from the Mediterranean.

Infrastructural Support

The heavy tourist and family holiday adventures in this region are promoted by state-of-the-art infrastructure that has been installed through efforts by the government in tourism promotion and development. In addition, Algarve family attractions company has enhanced your tour experience with world class adventures specially customized to bring your family closer together while having the holiday of a lifetime.

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