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How to Choose Reliable English Speaking Wedding Planner in Thailand

Thailand is one of the best places to get an exotic wedding. It offers a rich island setting, architectural beauty, rich cultural practices and also a very good atmosphere. Due to this, a lot of people choose to have romantic getaways and weddings in Thailand. The challenge however, is how to get an English speaking planner. Thailand has a lot of native speakers with less knowledge of the English language. However, when you are planning a wedding in Thailand, you might need a qualified English speaker.  Here we offer some helpful tips on how to get an English speaking wedding planner in Thailand.

Checking with the Thailand resorts for wedding packages

When you are looking for an English speaking wedding planner in Thailand, consider checking around the resorts. Most of the Thailand resorts offer qualified planners with a good knowledge of the English language for on-site wedding services. Also, most of the resorts will require that you conduct the wedding on their premises, for them to offer you a planner. This is part of the wedding packages offered by Thailand resorts.

Online research

To get a reliable English speaking wedding planner in Thailand, one can conduct an online research. Search for English speaking planners and event organizers in Thailand. Through the online search, you can be able to view the reviews from other people who had weddings in Thailand. You may also be able to learn of the rates charged by the planners or event organizers.

Contacting event organizing companies

Thailand has a regular experience of foreigners wedding in most of the resorts around. You will hence be able to find reliable companies offering events planning and organizing services, one of them being weddings. Contact the event organizing companies either by calls or emails. Enquire on availability of English speaking planners as well as charges for the services.

References and reviews

Getting references and recommendations from people is one of the easiest methods of getting an English speaking planner. If you are aware of any person who have had their wedding in the region, make a call and ask for references. For the reviews, check the online wedding forums in Thailand. This may give you a review of recommended planners by people who have had an experience with Thailand weddings. More information at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Carrying out interviews on the potential planners

In order to choose the best English wedding planner, make a list of potential planners. From the list, make an interview of some of the most suitable planners. This can be done on a face-to-face interview or even online. Some of the things to interview a wedding planner on could include their ability to work within your budget, possession of a certificate of operation, what type of contract they can offer you, their charges for an entire event, what services and event amenities they offer, any successful weddings or events they have previously managed as well as their flexibility in regard to your planned schedule. These are the major factors that might determine the credibility of any potential wedding planner. Visit them online at

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