Lexmark Printer Repairs and Maintenance Contracts

Should you get maintenance contracts for your Lexmark repairs? What are the pitfalls and benefits of entering into maintenance contracts with service providers? How can you save money on your Lexmark repairs? These are some of the most important questions that you will be grappling with when you are planning to get a service provider that will service your Lexmark copiers and printers.

For the larger companies in Sydney, service contracts are not increasingly popular but they also make a lot of sense for a business that wants to streamline things when it comes to copier repairs and maintenance services. For these businesses, handling all the maintenance and servicing work in-house may not make a lot of sense. They therefore prefer outsourcing these services to an external company specializing in servicing office machines.

The problem with outsourcing is that these third party service providers differ widely in terms of their services, costs and level of professionalism. Some have good terms and conditions that are suited for your business while others don’t.

The Printer service contracts

These generally have an appeal for most businesses because they offer relative convenience to the users. They offer general simplicity when all you have to do is let professionals handle all your printer repairs ranging from the simplest to the most complex while you concentrate on several other aspects of your business.

With the larger companies, this allows them to focus all their time and energies in what they do best while the supporting functions are outsourced to an external company. This ensures that you do not mess the printer and have to grapple with an even bigger cost. Besides, if you negotiate your Lexmark repairs and maintenance contracts well, you will find that they are rather inexpensive.

There are tips that you can incorporate when you are negotiating the printer maintenance contracts with your service providers.  These will ensure that you get a good deal and that you do not have to grapple with high costs. These include the following –

Watch out for the bad

There are many things that could go wrong when you are negotiating for these contracts and it is therefore important to watch out for these. The bad in maintenance contracts can include additional fees and penalties in the maintenance contracts. These are generally hidden so it is important to read the fine print before putting ink on paper. The repairs companies generally include additional costs on top of the routine maintenance services that they will perform.

Avoid the High Markups on Selected Items

Another way to ensure that you are not paying more than is necessary is by watching out for the high markups. You must ensure that the repairs service provider has not applied high markups on the printer supplies such as the paper, the toner cartridges and the ink.

As an example, some contracts will specifically require that you purchase these printer supplies from the service provider and if the markups are exceedingly high, you will be paying more than is necessary for your printer repairs contracts.

Read the fine print on the contracts

This is always an important step if you are planning to order printer repairs in the heart of Sydney. Take time to go through the contract so that you don’t overlook the various costs and expensive details inserted into the contracts.   Wondering where to get my printer repaired in Sydney? Check out the excellent and cost effective Lexmark repairs solutions offered by the Global Office Machines at http://www.gom.com.au/lexmark-repairs.

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