Rules for Engagement Ring Shopping

Are you shopping for the perfect engagement ring? You might be confused and do not know where or how to begin. Do not fret though because you’re not alone – the process is undeniably difficult. With so many to consider and budget constraints, engagement ring shopping can be stressful. If you can find reliable jewelers like GN Designer Jewellers at, good for you.

Engagement ring experts insist that you must take six factors into account when finding the right ring.

1.    Shape: The shape of the ring determines the actual geometry of the stone to be used in the ring. This is different from the cut that refers to the angles of the stone. The best diamond engagement rings Melbourne jeweler can help you establish the difference.

2.    Setting: Once you have determined what shape you want, you have to determine the quality setting or the metal framework in which you are to mount the stone. The bezel and four-prong setting are some of the most common types available but you can also experiment with new trends.

3.    Style: The best designer engagement rings Melbourne selections reflect a woman’s personal style. Hence, you need to get yourself familiar about her jewelry preference and personality to find a style that would fit.

4.    Budget: This is a practical consideration when buying the best engagament rings online at GN Designer Jewellers. Use your own discretion as to how much you would want to splurge on the ring. However, it would be impractical to go on a major debt just to buy the ring. Find a quality ring that is suitable for its cost, especially if you know you can afford it.

5.    Be on the lookout for sale: Why spend more when you can get major savings? Shop around online or in your local jewelry stores to see if there are any sales up for grab! Take advantage of sale offers but do not be swayed into buying a ring simply because it was extremely inexpensive.

6. Timing: Give yourself enough time to shop around. When you shop online at, it might make your life more convenient as you won’t have to go from one shop to another. However, it is still imperative that you give yourself at least six weeks in time to do your research. In fact, you need to give yourself more time if you have opted for a custom design. You want to be able to give the jeweler enough time to make enhancements or adjustments to the ring size to make it fit perfectly.

Finding the right engagement ring is a crucial decision that involves a lot of work. But you can ease your mind by buying one from well reputed jewelers in your area, especially the ones that had been in the industry for a long time. In Melbourne, Australia, GN Designer Jewellers is a name that people go to for quality diamond engagement rings.

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