Tips on Finding the Reliable Thai Silver Jewelry Distributors

There are several positive adjectives with which you can describe the 925 Sterling Thai Silver jewelry. They are unique, handmade, distinctive and have some soul compared to many other jewelry products that you are likely to find in the marketplace. If you are planning to buy these wholesale so that you can resell in other markets, one of the biggest challenges that you are likely to grapple with is looking for a silver jewelry distributor in Thailand that is reliable and who will provide you with genuine products at reasonable prices.

If you will be looking for a silver jewelry distributor that you can work with over the long term, then here are some simple tips that you can incorporate in order to find the best distributors to work with:

Do your research

The easiest way to find the best and most trusted suppliers is by doing a little research and determining which of the companies are recommended by most buyers. Wholesalers and distributors of top quality sterling Thai jewelry generally have website where you can sample their extensive product range.

Check if they have the jewelry that you are looking for. Do a background check and determine if they have a good track record delivering to their core clientele. Look at their prices and shipping policy. Look at the client testimonials. Are the past clients satisfied with the quality of service?

Top quality and luxurious 925 sterling Thai jewelry is usually made by expert craftsmen in remote and depressed villages or by silversmiths in some cottage-like industries. Does the company adhere to Fair Trade rules and compensate its workers well? What range of embellishments can you find from the jewelry supplier? These are some of the considerations that you will be looking at.

Visit the company

The easiest way to find the right kind of jewelry is by paying a personal visit to the Thai Silver Jewelry planet  wholesaler. Here you can get some first-hand information regarding the type of the jewelry, the texture of the jewelry, style of the jewelry and the various embellishments that have been included in the crafting of the jewelry.

The best thing about a physical visit to the wholesaler is that you can see the real samples and pick the unique and distinctive jewelry designs that you want for your business. You will be able to visualize the handmade 925 silver jewelry designs with your own eyes and even touch them. This means a lot with regards to the value that you will eventually offer your customers.

You can even watch these designs being handmade with your very own eyes! Visiting the wholesaler in Thailand is like checking into a self-service store.

What if you cannot a visit a Thai store?

There are many other options of doing some due diligence when looking for a silver jewelry distributor in Thailand if you cannot make the trip yourself. One effective tool is that of the email. If you have an idea on the kind of jewelry design that you desire, you can correspond with the silver jewelry distributor in Thailand so that you can clearly define your specs. You may check their website online at

Note that wholesalers might not have the time for a lengthy back and forth if there is no likelihood of making the sale. But this is also an opportunity for you to evaluate whether they are a responsive and supportive wholesale partner that you can work with over the long term.

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