Top Three Inks for Your Fountain Pen

Owning a fountain pen is one thing and maintaining its functionality is another. Just as a car needs fuel to operate, so does a fountain pen need ink to write. A fountain pen without ink is just another accessory taking space for no good reason. For ballpoint pen users, you are lucky because the pen comes with its ink intact. However, if you use a fountain ten, you will have to buy a bottle of ink separately, which you use for refilling when the pen depletes the ink in its tube. Adequate information about fountain pens inks is what you need to keep your pen functional.

fountain pens inks

Knowing the brands

Fountain pens inks exist in different brands with hundreds of samples. You can pick a color that suits your taste. However, it is advisable to understand that different brands of inks come with different characteristics. Common properties include:

  • Smoothness
  • Flow
  • Shading ability
  • Saturation

While some brands of fountain pens inks are quite fun to write with, they may not be practical in every case. If you are considering buying ink for your fountain pen, the following top three brands have made the list.

Diamine Asa Blue

The Diamine brand of ink is a favorite of many users, owing to its preferred properties. For example, it comes out easily when cleaning fountain pens, has no staining and works well on a variety of paper qualities. With such qualities, many users find it dependable. The Asa Blue is medium in intensity, which is suitable for everyday use. You can find out more from major suppliers of fountain pens and accessories. An example of such suppliers is Notedian.

Guro Nano Black

If you want your fountain pen to write perfect black, the Sailor’s Kiwa Guro provides the best option. Some of the qualities include:

  • Super dark
  • Smooth
  • Glassy

In addition, it leaves marks that are more permanent on paper compared to other brands. One thing you need to observe is not to leave it inside a pen for an extended period. Caring for your fountain pen is also important to ensure durability and efficiency. Whether you use a premium quality paper or just the regular copy types, you can be sure of the best quality. You can check the websites of reliable suppliers to place your order and give it a shot. For example, you can visit

Pilot Shin-Kai

This ink comes in a shade between blue and black. A preferred brand for users who cannot make up their minds, it provides a unique shade of blue-black without affecting the professional look. If you are not for the regular such as Asa Blue, then the Shin-Kai provides the best alternative. Available in the premium series of Pilot’s inks, this brand performs well with a variety of paper types and the packaging is just superb. It comes with a fine-looking glass bottle that can blend the décor of an executive desk.

In addition to the mentioned brands of inks, you can also check J.Herbin fountain pen ink here.

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