Unique Benefits of Doing Volunteer Work in Bali

Volunteering is often overlooked as an alternative option of learning and gaining work experience. But, simply put, volunteering abroad is a terrific and worthwhile experience. It opens your mind to other languages, cultures and different ways of doing things. You get to appreciate what you often take for granted back at home and at the same appreciate the uniqueness of other people. You simply cannot turn down an offer to volunteer abroad. Bali, Indonesia, is a destination point for many relief organizations across the globe. The country is stalked by poverty and hunger. If you are interested in doing volunteer work for purposes of gaining work experience, for learning or just to have fun, Bali is the place to go. The country has a rich culture that you’ll certainly enjoy. This article gives you a clue of the benefits you expect gain from doing volunteer work in Bali.

volunteer work

The satisfaction of “giving back”

Volunteering in Bali is entirely “giving back” because you do not expect to get anything in return. Essentially, your work will be to promote development in the region in a bid to curb poverty. Participating in a big initiative to make the world a better place creates a sense of satisfaction. When going to Bali, be prepared to work closely with other volunteers from other parts of the world who are also there for the same reason as yours.

Professional benefits

Volunteering in a foreign country is a major boost on your resume. Employers will give priority to people who have gone an extra mile. They know volunteering Bali opportunities are not easy and come with added benefits such as hard work, teamwork and foreign culture and language knowledge. Since many businesses are expanding globally, you will be quite useful to an organization that does business on a global scale.

Learn new things

Reading from books or watching National Geographic does not give you the ultimate experience of other cultures. You need to be a volunteer in Bali to gain firsthand experience about the Bali people, their culture and their language. You will be living amongst the locals. Sometimes, you can be given to a host family. You might be showering with cold water or going to take a bath at the river. You may even be forced to taste their local delicacies. There is no better experience than practicing the culture of other people.

Apply your skills

Volunteering is a great opportunity to put into practice your theoretical knowledge. Have you just graduated? Or are you on long holidays? Volunteering will enable you to apply your knowledge in an unconventional setting. It is worth noting that volunteer work is not only for people who have taken humanitarian courses. If you have done engineering, there are many roads and bridges that you can help to build in Bali. If you are a primary school teacher, you can assist in teaching in the local schools. If you have business skills, you can train the local men and women on entrepreneurial skills.

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